Here's what our students and parents think...


Anna Tonkin

Student, adult

Some years ago I took the plunge and recommenced piano lessons, this time as a “mature” adult. It is challenging juggling work and other commitments let alone practice, however this decision has definitely enriched my life. Dylan has a wealth of in depth music knowledge and teaching experience in a broad range of styles. His teaching style is very relaxed and luckily for me... patient!

   Polly too is a beautiful pianist and wonderful teacher. I would heartily recommend them both to anyone of any age, thinking of “taking the plunge”.


Rowit Singh


Our daughter has had piano lessons with Polly for 7 years. During that time, she has managed to keep her engaged and motivated which is quite a feat for a child of her age. As her music appreciation has grown, we have seen her confidence blossom during that time.

  Polly is patent and professional and helps with thorough preparation for the occasional examinations, as well as organising regular local concerts for the pupils to participate in.

  Polly has a wide repertoire and we have no hesitation in recommending her as a piano teacher and mentor.


Cathy Byrne


Both Dylan and Polly have a wonderful approach to teaching children. The concerts were brilliant, as was the support for music exams.

Image by James Seddon

Reuben Longman

Student, age 18

To say something about what working with Dylan was like: flexible would be there most apt description. Dylan has a LOT of patience and understanding for literally every one of his students. I can attest to this as I can't actually fluently read sheet music, so Dylan working through EVER PIECE I KNOW with me, by first showing me what it sounds like when played and then showing me each individual chord, fingering, and progression so that I could memorise them and play it back. He offered different books, games, challenges and methods to help me learn and remember what each note looks like on a stave, how to identify chords, chord types, scales, harmonies and so on. I genuinely don't think I'd be able to do half of what I can currently achieve with music if it weren't for his input.

  Oh, did I also mention that he did my first ever studio recording for the first song I'd ever written. That's kind of a big deal.

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Parent of Milla 

Dave has been teaching our daughter Milla to play drums for about seven years, since she was eight years old. Dave’s a great teacher. He’s fun but firm and seems to connect with kids well – they respect him a lot.

Dave’s not only taught Milla the drums, but he’s given her lots of insights from his experience in the music industry and different aspects of life as a musician. Dave has also provided Milla with lots of opportunities to meet, learn and play with other musicians.

Image by Rukma Pratista

Michelle Chistensen

Student, adult

Having had many piano teachers over the years, it’s an absolute pleasure to have lessons from Polly at Tipitina Music. She plays beautifully, is an excellent teacher and has helped me immensely with improving my technique. I look forward to my lessons every week.

Grand Piano

Grace Elizabeth Kimber

Student, age 6

I like learning piano with Polly because…it is fun you can learn   interesting songs and yes sometimes it gets difficult. I have figured out that it doesn’t matter if you make mistakes. Learning allowed me to play the piano in Paris, Edinburgh and England.



Student, age 12

I like learning with Polly because she comes up with fun ways to learn the piano. I have learnt a lot of songs over the three years I have been learning. 

Image by Tadas Mikuckis

Mark Law


Our kids have been going to piano lessons with Tipitina for a few years now, it's wonderful to see them go from zero to hero, they are very proud of their piano skills and they don't hesitate to exhibit them - when and wherever possible. This makes us very proud too! We are eternally  grateful to Polly & Dylan and will keep on coming back for more!


Kairo Byrne

Student, child

Dylan's piano lessons gave me a great skill. He had a lot of musical knowledge, and I feel privileged to have been educated by someone so talented.

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Martha Baartz


My son Jaci, has been studying drums with Dave Sanders for around 6 months, and we couldn't be happier with the results, encouragement, purpose and joy he is gaining from Dave's tuition.


I myself am a practicing musician in the Industry, so from my knowledge of the scene, knew that Dave Sanders was my first choice drum teacher for Jaci. I play music with Dave, and many of his ex students. He knows how to take a student through all levels to the final level, performance and gigging musician, and he does it with care, correct thorough instruction, wisdom, experience and positive encouragement.


Jaci comes home from his lessons elated and feeling good about himself. He practices most days without a problem, and he's only 10 yrs old. We know he's getting the proper guidance and is playing with the right technique. We are so grateful to Dave.